Bitcoin Market Will Rise

Bitcoin Market Will Rise

Analysis of the Harian Bitcoin: Bitcoin Market will rise, the currency markets continued to be stable during Crypto last few days, after surging higher and is a good sign. However, Bitcoin really weakened in the last year and have been away from the mainstream. Long ago disappeared from the stock market back into the market and bitcoin gives new passion Bitcoin. "

Analysis today

I remember about three weeks before the futures market for Bitcoin it opened, when sitting in a restaurant and heard an old man talking about buying Bitcoin because prices are going up. That's when I knew: that the market will go up Bitcoin will explode. It has all the symptoms of a large bubble, which of course is very clear now. In fact, the absolute peak is the day on which the futures market opened. Market turmoil is far easier to identify than consolidation and possible base. It takes a lot more experience to realize that the market may be building momentum upwards because sometimes it can be overwhelming to fall down. This is one of those moments. We have to penetrate the ride so that we currently hold move up, it shows that the market is building confidence little by little and that is what is needed at this time.

With all that being said, the level of $5000 must be supported just like the 200-day EMA is there too. There is a rising trend line below it, but frankly, even if we skip them, not until we penetrate the level $4000 I worry about about Bitcoin. This is exactly what it looks like. That doesn't mean that we'll take to the air tomorrow. It also does not mean that we are going out tomorrow. The intent is that long-term investors intervene.

Analysis of the price of the Bitcoin: Bull BTC/USD back $5,300, is now within reach

BTC/USD is in a pretty good position again after the retracement in which he tested support at the number $5,200. At the time of press, Bitcoin-like dancing around the digits $5.253 where the trend higher 1.18% visible on Wednesday. The majority of assets seems to be following in the footsteps of Bitcoin to note a considerable advantage as well. Among the top ten cryptocurrencies, EOS is the market leader with a turnover above 5%.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin has been able to maintain an uptrend above trendline since the existence of the Spike on April 2. That does not mean that the movement of retracement was lost, but the prices have traded higher and highest. Bitcoin has recently reached the highest point around the numbers $5,343 but failed to sustain a further correction to it. Correction from highs originally found support at the number $4,800, before the BTC/USD reverses the trend above the number $5,200.

Yesterday's trading tested the short-term support at the number $5,200 before reversing the trend once again. The ongoing bullish momentum will likely test the numbers $5,300 and eventually defeat the jamming resistance in Figure $5,343. In this case, the trend turned into a bearish, which expects a Bitcoin will be supported on the $5,200. If this level is removed, then the numbers will come in $5,000 rescue Bulls, while in $4,800 figures which will give the buyer solace before they push back for another correction.

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